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ESSDEE Linocut Taster Kit

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It was never easier making your own designs!

SoftCut is the best alternative to Lino - designed to extend the block printing experience to a greater range of people. SoftCut is formulated for very easy cutting. It holds fine detail without crumbling and yet withstands the pressures of a printing press, this new material can be drawn on in pencil due to its near-white surface. Finely smooth on one side, textured on the other, SoftCut is both double sided and flexible. Moulded in a clean environment, fully compliant with both EN 71 and the European Directive on Phthalates.
Just create your design on SoftCut, put a drop of olive oil and roll the metal clay over it like you do when using all other kind of stamps.
It was never easier to start with Linocut. The kit includes two pieces of Softcut-Lino and two essential Lino cutters that you need to carve your first masterpiece.
And if you want to create paper based prints, even the ink and a 45 mm roller are included.


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