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DIY kits & tutorials

Metal Clay project kits

Do you want to get creative and design your own jewellery? Maybe you already have an idea but don't know how to go about it?

Then, this category is what you've been looking for: our project kits will teach you basic and advanced techniques. They always come with an instruction booklet with detailed explications and the necessary tools and accessories.

Detailed photos and explications will guide you through all the steps. With the help of additional tips and tricks, you'll easily create your very own piece of jewellery. All our project kits do not only show you how to create one specific project, but also teach you important techniques you can use for other ideas.

Each project has a difficulty level between 1 and 8.

1-2: beginner
3-5: basic knowledge required
6-8: advanced


For beginners, we recommend our Metal Clay Starter kit. It contains not only a booklet with step-by-step instructions and clay for your first pendant, but also basic metal clay tools you'll need for all your further work.

If you have questions, just ask us, we're glad to help. And we'd love to see your finished project.

Order your project kit right away and start creating.

DIY kits & tutorials

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