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Some silver clays may be torch-fired but when it comes to fire sterling silver or base metal clays like bronze, copper, lemon, iron or steel clays, you need a kiln. And even with a kiln, you create stronger pieces made of fine silver clay.

A kiln opens completely new possibilities!

A digital controller allows you to easily control for each step the temperature, the ramping (the rate at which the kiln heats up) and the holding time. Once programmed, you just need to choose the program and launch it.

Silver clay is not very sensible to temperature inaccuracies unlike other clays e.g. containing zinc are very sensitive to small temperature deviations.

Discover our selected kilns in this section. We are using these kilns for years and know that they are doing a perfect job. These kilns can also be used for other handcraft activities, e.g. Raku, glass fusing, ceramics, lost wax burnout, enameling, annealing etc.


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