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Metal Clay Kiln PROMETHEUS Pro1-PRG Starterset

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Ready-to-fire Starterset with kiln and all the accessories you need for firing your jewellery pieces.

This starterset includes everything you need to start firing jewellery pieces made of metal clay:

  • 1 kiln Prometheus Pro1-PRG (see details below)
  • 1 spatula with wooden handle (to load and unload the hot kiln)
  • 1 fiber blanket to stabilize the pieces in the kiln (if necessary)
  • 1 kiln shelf (for placing the pieces in the kiln) with kiln posts
  • 1 stainless steel net (to avoid direct contact of the kiln shelf with the kiln in order to avoid a heat buildup)
  • 10 gram Art Clay Silber


Prometheus Kilns® are designed to give you the best service for many years. 

PROMETHEUS Pro1-PRG, is a Multy-Functional Kiln for Hobbyists and Professionals as well. ENAMELLING; Firing SILVER and GOLD CLAY works, small articles of CERAMICS; GLASS-FUSION, GLASS BEADS and GLAS MOULDING; ANNEALING and HARDENING of SILVER, GOLD and OTHER METALS are some of the fields Pro-1 can serve you. 

Prometheus Pro1-PRG has a programmable digital controller attached that is designed especially for glass fusing and glass beads annealing. The user can set 15 different programs with 5 steps in each of them with this new controller. Pro1-PRG is very mean at the electricity consumption, it consumes less than any simple hair dryer. Thanks for its light weight, you can take Pro1-PRG to every where with you. 

This offer contains: the kiln with german/lux/belgian/french compatible plug. For a propper usage we recommend using kiln posts, a kiln shelf, a spatula with wooden handle, optional no flake foil.


Volts : 110/220 V
Amps : 3.2 A
Watts : 700 W
Temp. Control : Digital, 15 programs with 5 steps in each
Max. Temp : 1000 ºC
Outer Dimensions : Width: 22.5 cm x Depth: 22.0 cm x Height: 30.0 cm
Inner Dimensions : Width: 11.5 cm x Depth: 13.0 cm x Height: 7.0 cm
Weight : 7.25 Kg.
Warranty : 2 Year; excluding improper storage and usage

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