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Art Clay Silver 950 25 Gr.

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Art Clay Silver 950, 25 Grams

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What is Artclay Silver?

Art Clay is a clay-alike material made of fine silver and water soluble organic binders. During firing, the binders vapourise (no toxic vapours) leaving solid 950 silver. You produce a real piece of silver jewellery. Art Clay Silver can be used for bracelets, brooches, charms, earings, keepsakes, necklaces, rings ...

Artclay Silver 950

90% of the clay is Silver and copper alloy powder, and 10% is binder and water. Purity after firing is Silver 950. Shrinkage after firing: Approx. 11-13%. Molding and drying process is exactly the same as with the current Art Clay Silver Clay Type. The clay comes in high quality, ready to use pre-mixed clay form, so you can start working right after unsealing the package! Another great feature is that you do not need carbon to fire. No extra preparation for firing is needed and you make no extra mess!

Fired Art Clay Silver 950 has a higher surface strength and bending strength compared to the current Art Clay Silver Clay type. Because of its high strength, it allows for more design options and durability especially for works that are thinner, narrower, open ended (ring and cuff), and delicate, etc. The finished silver surface is more resistant to scratches. This makes it a more suitable product for professional artists who gift or sell their works. Surface hardness, and bending strength: Approx. 60% stronger than regular Art Clay Silver. *Results may vary depending on firing and measuring conditions.



  • Art Clay Silver 950
  • 25 grams


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