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Art Clay Silver 999 Limited Ediiton 2023, 100g, Red box

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Limited Edition, Red, 100g

Limited Edition 2023

The Limited Edition 2023 contains 100g of silver clay 999 and comes in a metallic container.

Art Clay Silver 999 belongs to the group of fine silver clays. This means that you can make a piece of jewellery out of pure silver (99,9%). This is perfect for jewellery that is not exposed to mechanical or other forces, such as pendants, ear jewellery, etc.

How is Art Clay Silver 999 fired?

Firing Art Clay Silver is very easy:

  • with the hand torch
  • or with an electric kiln (min. 650° C for 30 minutes).

For maximum stability, we recommend firing the piece at 850°C for 2 hours

Art Clay silver shrinks 8-9% during firing. Your finished piece consists of pure silver (999/1000 Ag).

What is Silver Clay?

Silver clay, also known as malleable silver, belongs to the product group of metal clays. As the name suggests, the clay consists of a binder, water and microscopic silver particles. The whole mass has a clay-like consistency and can also be handled in the same way. You can roll it out, cut it, press it into a form, bend it and shape it as you like. Check out our blog post

What do I need silver clay for?

Silver clay is the easiest, quickest and cleanest way to make your own silver jewellery and other amazing things. If you are new to silver clay, we recommend that you take a look at the Metal Clay Starter Kit for a smooth start to your metal clay adventure.


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