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Copper clay Starter-Pack

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Starter-pack with copper clay from Goldie, Prometheus, Météor and Art Clay

You can make beautiful things with copper clay: jewellery, art or every day articles. The colour of copper brightens even the cloudiest day.
But there are many brands of copper clay on the market. How do you find the right one for you?

The solution is our Copper Starter Pack!

You get 4 of the most popular brands of copper clay to play with and find your personal favourite.


  • 50 g Goldie copper
  • 50 g Art Clay copper
  • 100 g Prometheus copper
  • 100 g Météor copper


Art Clay Copper and Prometheus Copper Clay come ready to use: you can open the package and start right away.

Goldie Copper Clay and Météor Copper Clay come in powder form. You need to mix them with water prior to use. You can use the mixing bowl and spatula we offer in our shop.
All four clays are easy to use: roll them, texture them, mould and form them. When dry, they can be filed, sanded, cut and drilled.
You can join dry parts with homemade paste: mix a small amount of clay with water and use the paste like a glue.


Let your pieces dry thoroughly. Especially thicker pieces need time to dry out completely. If there is still moisture left when you fire them, bubbles can appear.


Art Clay Copper and Prometheus Copper Clay can be fired with a handheld torch as well as in an electric kiln.

Torch firing copper clays is only recommended for smaller pieces. When hot and exposed to air, copper forms an oxide layer on the surface. Immediately after firing it needs to be quenched in water and pickled (e.g. with Picklean).

If you have access to a kiln, it's better to use it for Art Clay Copper and Prometheus Copper as well.
Goldie Copper Clay and Météor Copper Clay need to be fired with a two-step schedule in an electric kiln.

We provide English instructions for all of our clays.


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