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Project X .960 50g Fine silver clay

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50g sterling silver clay

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Sterling silver is simply an alloyed form of silver which contains in this case 96% silver and 4% copper. The copper makes your jewellery stronger and more durable compared to fine silver.

We recommend using Project X 960 silver clay for rings, bracelets and other pieces that need to retain their beauty and lustrous appearance for a long time. And even when scratches or scuffs appear, sterling silver can be easily restored to its original luster.

One of the exceptional qualiites of Project X .960 Silver Clay is its suitability for carving. You can uitlize knives, gravers, or miniature gouges to incise intricate designs. The clay carves with ease, and in the event of a mistake, simply apply fresh clay into the groove, let it dry, and carve it again to correct the error.

Working with Project X 960 is exactly the same as working with any other fine silver clay.

Project X 960 must be fired in an electric kiln.

  • If offers excellent durability, stability and longevity
  • Long working time
  • Suitable for carving




Project X 960 must be fired in an electric kiln at min. 871° C.


85% recycled silver, 4% copper, 10% water and binder. After being fired, the piece contains 96% silver and 4% copper.


Download our detailled firing instructions in english, french or german (depending on the language of your order). QR Code on the package.


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