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PROJECT X .999 Starter Bundle

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You need this bundle for the pendant "Roses are forever". The workshop is available live November 22nd (see our workshops).

If you are a beginner, please make sure you have all the tools from the list (description in the workshop).

Please register for the online workshop (free), you will receive a 5 Euro voucher in our shop.

Looking for a successor of PMC silver clay? You found it.

Five Star Project X™️ .999 Silver Clay offers endless possibilites for creating unique and beautiful pieces.

Project X 999 silver clay can be used like all other clay: you can roll it out, texture it, push it into a mould, carve it and so on. The improved formula allows an extended working time. You can shape and refine your creations with ease, wether you are a beginner or expert in metal clay. This clay gives you the time and control you need to bring your vision to life.

Project X 999 has a large firing range (600 to 900 degrees Celsius). It can be fired both a torch and a kiln. Once fired, the finished piece will have a ultra-high polish, giving your jewellery a professional and refined finish.
Use Project X 999 water based paste to bond pieces of silver clay together.
Advantages of using Project X 999 silver clay:

  • Long working time
  • Large firing range
  • Ultra high-polish
  • Remarkable bendability after firing


Begin your journey with PROJECT X .999 Silver Clay with our Starter Bundle. It includes:

15g PROJECT X 999 Silver Clay

Lump clay

15g PROJECT X 999 Silver Paste (water based)

Paste for decorating and joining several of pieces together.

You need more clay? PROJECT X 999 Silver Clay is also available in 50g package as well in the syringe.


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