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The Ring Maker - make seamless rings

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Imagine making a ring without any seams. This sounds impossible!

Usually a ring band is made from a strip of metal clay that is laid out along a round shape. The seam, where the two ends of the strip meet, is joined together with clay and water. After drying, the seam is polished until it is nice and even and almost invisible.

The tool to make seamless rings

With the Ring Maker™ from famous metal clay artist Clément Marquaire, you can now make seamless rings. You reduce the risk of the seam opening up or showing after firing.

The Ring Maker™ is an extruder. It consists of the outer ring, the core and the pusher. You can use it to make rings with a width between 1.5 and 9 mm.

Easy to use

Using the Ring Maker™ is very simple: roll out the clay, press in the Ring Maker™ and push out the finished ring. Give the clay time to dry between each stage. Then you can continue to work on your ring in exactly the same way as usual, e.g. add an attachment, apply a texture, decorate, etc.

The Ring Maker™ works with any clay.

The content

The set consists of 14 Ring Maker™ for ring sizes from 52 to 69 mm (before firing). You still need to subtract the shrinkage depending on the clay. On the Ring Maker™ the American or the English size is indicated.

Thickness of the Ring Maker™: 2.5 mm (before firing and before grinding)

The Ring Maker™ comes in a beautiful box with instructions.

Ring decorated with Teddybears and paw prints in silver

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