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Colors of Bronze Clay Set, PROMETHEUS

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Discover the colors of bronze

Bronze is a mixture of copper and tin. Depending on the ratio, your final product will have a different color but it is always made of bronze.

This set includes 3 iconic Bronze clays:

  • White Bronze Clay produces items with a very light color, nearly white
  • Jewellers Greenish Yellow Bronze produces items with a gold alike color
  • Troy Bronze produces items with a lovely red tone

You get 2 Clay box containers for recycling for free!

These clays must be fired in electric kiln in two steps with activated coconut carbon.


  • 100g Prometheus White Bronze Clay
  • 100g Prometheus Jewellers Greenish Yellow Bronze Clay
  • 100g Prometheus Troy Bronze Clay
  • + FREE 2 Clay Box

Troy Bronze is also available in syringe.


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