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Prometheus All-in-Bronze Starterpack

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This pack contains 100 gr of

  • Prometheus Jewellers Greenish Yellow Bronze Clay
  • Prometheus Sunny Bronze Clay
  • Prometheus Bronze Clay

These clay consist of metal particles, a binder and water. Once fired, your piece is solid bronze. Depending on the clay, the colour is different. On the picture, figures in front row number 1 and 3 (from left) are made of this bronze clay.
Working with Prometheus Bronze clays
Prior to firing, these clays can be easily formed, molded, cut and filed.

Add some drops of water to a little lump of clay and mix it to get a paste that can be used e.g. to stick pieces together.

Prometheus Sunny Bronze Clay and Prometheus Bronze Clay can be fired with the handheld torch. Prometheus Jewellers Greenish Yellow Bronze Clay must be fired in the kiln.

Option: add Activated carbon on coconut base with the recipient to this offer


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