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Prometheus Bronze Clay, 100 gr

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100 grams

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Prometheus Bronze Clay is perfect for creating high-quality bronze pieces.

The clay comes ready to use and is very easy to shape, cut, file and drill. The final creation is made from bronze and has a beautiful classic bronze lustre (after polishing). The creations 1 and 3 (from left) on the photo are made with this clay.

To join several parts, use bronze paste or bronze in the syringe. Bronze in the syringe (available separately) has a higher adhesive strength than self-mixed paste.


The piece must be dust-dry before firing.

Prometheus Bronze Clay can be sintered as follows:
- with the handheld torch
- in an electric kiln in two steps
- in the electric kiln in one step

This clay sinters at a temperature of 820°C.

Can you fire PROMETHEUS BRONZE Clay with a handtorch?

Yes you can. This is one of the few base metal clays, you can fire with a hand torch. However, as oxidation starts  with this method immediately after firing, the hot piece must be quenched into the water as quickly as possible. The piece can be pickled with Picklean.

The piece fired by a handheld torch should be maximum the size of a 2 Euro coin.

We recommend firing in two steps in the kiln. Oxidation can only be avoided in a low-oxygen environment in activated charcoal.


100g of PROMETHEUS BRONZE clay ready to use

The clay stays fresh for at least 7 years after production date when stored in dry and cold conditions without direct sunlight.


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