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Prometheus Sunny Bronze Clay, 100 gr

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100 grams

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Prometheus Sunny Bronze Clay consists of metal particles, a binder and water. Once fired, your piece is solid bronze. Prometheus Sunny Bronze has a more yellowish colour than Prometheus Bronze.


Working with Prometheus Bronze clay

Prior to firing, Prometheus Sunny Bronze clay can be easily formed, molded, cut and filed.

Add some drops of water to a little lump of clay and mix it to get a paste that can be used e.g. to stick pieces together.


There are three methods to fire Prometheus Sunny Bronze:

  • 2-step firing in a kiln
  • 1-step firing in a kiln
  • torch firing

We achieved the best results with the 2-step firing. During the first step, the binder is burned off. The second step takes place in activated carbon and sinters the material. After being fired in carnon bronze pieces don't need to be pickled because there is no oxid laxer on the surface. Don't forget to add activated carbon and a firing container to your order.

Prometheus Sunny Bronze does not contain nickel. It comes ready-to-use in clay form.





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