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"The Dragon" - Metal Clay Masterclass

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Learn how to make a dragon sculpture

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Skill Level: Experienced


The dragon

The dragon is a creature shrouded in legend and surrounded by many myths. However, as no one has ever seen a real dragon, it lives in everyone's imagination and can look very different.

You are the creator!

You decide how it looks

In this workshop with senior metal clay instructor Sandra Quell, you will design your own copper dragon. We will give you the instructions and guide you through the individual steps, but you decide the look, body shape and size of your dragon.

Beautiful details such as scales, striking eyes or filigree, bent wings give your dragon its own personal charm and the dragon's posture makes it appear dynamic and full of live. The detailed mouth area completes the overall look. You decide whether your dragon will be friendly and helpful or angry and aggressive.

With 50g (!) of copper clay (already included in the price), you can make a dragon that is approx. 8-15 cm tall (measured including wings). This makes your dragon an imposing figure and an absolute eye-catcher.

The Workshop - a Masterclass!

The "Dragon" master class requires patience and a good eye for detail. We work with different techniques in metal clay: from modeling and decorating to sculpting with a scalpel or spatula; everything is included. Each dragon is unique and no mass production. If you need a break, enjoy a coffee or tea.

The creation of the dragon takes approx. 12 hours distributed over two days.

Made of copper (Goldie Sculptors Copper)

Your creation

Masterfully crafted by hand and made of copper, each dragon is unique. It will be a real eye-catcher where you can proudly claim to have been the dragon tamer! The dragon also makes a wonderful gift for fantasy and fairytale fans.

Register now for this magical course and let your imagination run wild.

More information about the class

  • Instructor: Sandra Quell
  • Difficulty level: 3 of 5
  • Spoken languages: english, french, german, luxembourgish
  • Time: 2 days (2 x 6 hours)
  • Metal Clay: Goldie Sculptors Copper Clay, 50g (included in the prize)
  • Also included: coffee, tea, beverages

Please note: the workpiece must be thoroughly dried before firing. Moisture could lead to cracks during firing or, in the worst case, damage the entire creation. If you don't want or can't fire the piece at home, we offer you a firing service including shipping (suppl. fee).

We are located in Bascharage (Luxembourg) close to public transport, hotels and restaurants.

Sweet and cheerful or dynamic and cheeky? Which do you prefer?

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