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Making silver clay jewellery from silicone mould class

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Did you know that you can create easily silver jewellery pieces from leaves with interesting textures? Or maybe you just want to duplicate a vintage button into a unique brooch? All you need is some silicone and silver clay.

What is Silver clay?

Silver clay is a clay like material, that consists of small silver particles, water and an organic binder. When wet it can easily be formed, moulded, textured and cut.

When the water has evaporated, you can file and drill it and join more complex pieces.

In the next step, you have to fire your piece at a temperature of at least 650°C to obtain real silver jewellery.

The Workshop

Following a short introduction into metal clay and some basics about making a piece of jewellery, we are starting immediately with real work.

Before you start, you have to make sure that you have a good idea what you want to duplicate. You can choose one of our objects or you can bring your own object. When taking your own object, just make sure that it can be moulded in silicone and that it isn’t too big.

When you’re ready you are mixing the silicone and pressing the item into the silicone putty. After hardening, we will come to the fun part with silver clay. Our experienced instructor will ensure you will work the correct way. After drying and some last filing we are going to fire your piece in the kiln.

After firing, your piece just needs some last polishing. You’re going to leave the class workshop with a lot of new skills and your first unique beautiful siver piece of jewellery.

Techniques you will learn in this class

    1.    Creating a silicone putty
    2.    Using silver clay with a silicone mould
    3.    Cutting the clay
    4.    Making a bale for your piece
    5.    Filing and polishing
    6.    Firing the clay
    7.    Finalizing your piece after firing


No experience needed


Suitable for beginners


  • Creating a mould with silicone
  • Using silver clay with a silicone mould
  • 5g Art Clay Silver
  • Instructions on paper


We speak english, german, french and luxembourgish.


+- 2,5 hours


Max. 6 persons

Further informations

Wheelchair accessible

Your booking is definitve. We do not return the fees if you cannot attend the class and without prior notification.


Espace Créateur/Metalclay-shop

124-126 avenue de Luxembourg, L-4940 Bascharage


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