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DMT® Credit Card Abbrasive tools /sharpeners (Set of 3)

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These abrasive tool is great for polishing, shaping and, if you own good knives, for sharpening.

Working with metal clay, the credit card shapes tools are perfect to create nice, flat surfaces. This kit of three is equipped with a coarse diamond stone (45 micron, 325 mesh, ANSI), a fine diamond stone (25 micron, 600 mesh, ANSI) and an extra-fine diamond stone (9 micron, 1200 mesh, ANSI). Each stone is 83 x 51 x 1,3 mm.

When you want to sharpen your knives, it is important to know that thanks to its micronized, monocrystalline diamond surface, you can sharpen edges faster and easier. No messy oil is needed, allowing you to sharpen dry or with water.

The DMT® Dia-Sharp sharpeners come in a convenient, grit-color coded vinyl carry case.


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