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Goldie Snow Bronze Clay 50g

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Goldie Snow Bronze Clay 50g

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Goldie Snow Bronze™ is a white kind of bronze. The particles are bit larger than in the case of other bronzes, up to 75 micrometers, that’s why we can find it a bit grainy after mixing with water. White bronzes with over 18% of tin are fragile and easy to break. Snow Bronze is different, despite a high content of tin (21%) it’s not easy to break, thanks to large powder particles, which are very strongly connected to each other after burning. The material is smooth after firing, with no traces of particles.

Shrinkage 16-30%


79% copper, 21% tin


Mix powder with water in a bowl. Roll the lump clay out and fold over again and again until it gets smooth.


You can roll it out, cut it, texture it etc. Pieces can be joined together with a paste.


This clay must be fired in electric kilns in 2 stages:

Stage 1: 30 min at 350°C

Stage 2: 110 min at 730-760°C with activated coconut carbon.


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