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Goldie Sculptor Copper Clay 50g

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Copper clay

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Goldie Sculptor’s Copper™ is copper of a beautiful pure red color. It is formulated with long carbo-hydrogen chains in the binder formula to have much greater strength and more resistance to collapse under its own weight than regular bronze clays and is more cohesive when wet and stronger after the first firing step.  This allows the artist sculptor to create much larger designs.  Another aspect of Sculptor’s Copper is its silky smooth texture and with appropriate hydration it can be thrown on a potter’s wheel.

Goldie Sculptor’s Copper ™ is well suited for sculptures and larger forms of jewelry. You can shape the wet and dry clay using chisels and other traditional sculptor’s tools.


99,9% copper.

The clay comes in powder form and is ideal for creating all type of jewellery like bangles, brooches, rings etc or all other objects. It captures very fine details, works good with stamps/textures. The final piece are very strong.


Mix powder with water in a bowl. Roll the lump clay out and fold over again and again until it gets smooth.


You can roll it out, cut it, texture it etc. Pieces can be joined together with a paste.


This clay can be fired in electric kilns only. 2 steps with activated coconut carbon. Shrinkage 15-23%


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