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FYI 999 Fine Silver Clay - 20g

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Very smooth and easy to use fine silver clay.

Use your creative skills and realize your metal clay projects with this new formula clay, made in Poland. If you’re not sure about this clay, please read our article in Metal Clay Experience where we compare it to Art Clay Silver 999.

The clay can be easily rolled out, formed and shaped like any other clay. It accepts very fine and delicate structures from texture plates without any problem and thanks to its good working time, you can even create 3d shapes without any problems. Sanding and filing is easy.


Firing with the handheld torch

The instructions do not contain any information about firing the clay with a handheld torch. We tried it and it worked without any problem. Like all other clays, we recommend a piece of maximum the size of a 2-euro-piece.

Firing in the kiln

The instructions make a difference between minimal, recommended and optimal firing in an electric kiln.

750° C for 5 minutes, shrinkage 11-12%

820-830° C for 30 minutes, shrinkage 15%

Optimal (our recommendation)
900° C for 2 hours, shrinkage 16%

The final piece is made of fine silver (999/1000 silver).


Do I have to change the way I work with FYI 999 silver clay when I’m used to Art Clay Silver 999?

No. There is no change in the way you work with both clays.

Is FYI 999 silver clay available as paste or in the syringe?

Both products will soon be available. You can make your own paste by mixing a small portion of lump clay with water.

Can I combine pieces made with Art Clay Silver 999 with those made with FYI 999 silver clay?

Yes. But remember: both clays have different shrinkage. So we recommend keeping the surface where both clays meet rather small.

Can I fire pieces of Art Clay Silver 999 and FYI 999 silver clay together in the kiln?

Yes, that’s no problem. We recommend firing both clay at 880° C for 2 hours.

Is the final piece made with FYI 999 silver clay comparable to one made with Art Clay Silver 999?

Yes. Both pieces are made of fine silver 999/1000.

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