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Art Clay Silver 999 20 Gr.

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Art Clay Silver 999, 20 gram

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Art Clay Silver is the trademark of Aida Ch. Inc (Japan) for metal clays.

Art Clay Silver consists of very small metal particles (in this case silver), an organic binder and water.

The clay can be easily rolled out, formed and shaped like any other clay. You can apply a texture onto its surface. When dry, pieces can be filed, polished and joined together.

Art Clay Silver can fired with a handheld torch or in an electric kiln (at least at a temperature of  650°C). The completed piece is pure silver (999/1000 silver).

The surface of the fired piece will be white and matte due to crystallisation of silver during firing, but a luster can be obtained by polishing e.g. stainless steel or brass brush, burnisher, sand paper file. Give it an antique look with some liver of sulphur if you want so.

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