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Bullseye Thinfire Shelf Paper - Ceramic paper

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4 sheets

The Bullseye ThinFire Shelf Paper is a ceramic-impregnated shelf paper that provides excellent separation between your metal clay ot glass piece and the kiln shelf.

For use

  • as a single layer between your metal clay piece and the kiln shelf or another piece of metal clay. During firing the piece can shrink without any problems.
  • as a separation between metal clay pieces tp prevent them sticking together (e.g. spinner rings)
  • as a separation between glass and the shelf. It prevents molten glass from sticking.

Bullseye Thinfire Shelf Paper has two sides: one smooth and one rough (printed). Use the smooth side pointing up to ensure a smooth surface on your piece.

The paper burns away during firing. Remove the ash after firing. Wear a dust mask.

Content: 4 sheets (17,5 x 17,5 cm)
Store Bullseye Thinfire paper in a dry place.


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