Why is it so easy to make silver jewellery with Metal Clay Silver?

Why is it so easy to make silver jewellery with Metal Clay Silver?

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The Assyrians, the Egyptians, the Goten, Romans and Teutons knew how to work with silver. At times, silver was even more expensive than gold. These times are over but even today silver still enchants people with its beautiful metallic shine.


In addition to silver cutlery, candlesticks and other creations, silver jewelry enjoys a very special status. Traditionally, jewelery is made by the silversmith. For this, silver sheet is cut, hammered, bent and filed. You may spend a long time on a wonderfull piece of jewellery and errors even muliply the working time.


The modern alternative to this elaborate production process is called Metal Clay Silver. This clay consists of silver particles, a binder and water. The piece of jewelery is shaped in the "wet" state. It can be worked just as easily as other clays (polymer clay, clay ...). During the firing of the piece of jewelry, the silver sinters and the Metal Clay craftsman receives a piece of jewelery made of real silver, which does not need to shy away from the comparison with a traditionally made piece of jewelery.

Jewellery pieces from a beginners class

Beautiful set from a beginners class


There are several manufacturers of Metal Clay, and each one refers to his clay differently: Art Clay Silver, PMC Silver, Prometheus Silver, EZ 960, Goldie Aussie Clay, etc. The silver content varies from 925 / 1000th (sterling silver) to 999 depending on the product and application / 1000th (fine silver).


What are the advantages of using Metal Clay Silver over traditional silver sheet manufacturing?


  • easy to use: does not require sawing or hammering
  • feasible for everyone: even beginners and people without manual experience hold their finished piece of silver jewelery in their hands after a short time
  • suitable for children: even children, we recommend a minimum age of 10, can work with Metal Clay Silver
  • safe: the processing of metal clay silver is without special risks, there are no toxic fumes or dust
  • recyclable: as long as Metal Clay is not fired, it can be recycled and reused over and over again
  • low investment: it does not take much to work with Metal Clay -> see our blog post "What do I need to start with Metal Clay Silver?"
  • little space: a small table and good lighting are enough
  • big community: on the internet there are big communities to exchange with like-minded people
  • classes: we offer an extensive selection of Art Clay classes on our website www.createur.lu

Buy material: in our online shop at www.metalclay-shop.com we offer a large selection of metal clays, gemstones, fireable zirconia, stencils, textures and other accessories. The shop is open 24 hours a day and we ship worldwide

What are the disadvantages of Metal Clay Silver?


There are no known disadvantages. There is a certain addictive potential for creative work. But is that a disadvantage? ;-)

Jewellery class at createur.luJewellery class at createur.lu

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